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Edwin Dixon Epperson III

Edwin Dixon Epperson III explains support for veterans readapting to civilian life

Edwin Dixon Epperson III

Readjustment to civilian life after military service can be difficult, and Edwin Dixon Epperson III wants to help. For many who complete multiple tours of duty and have a distinguished career of service, reintegration into civilian life can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding a job which delivers fulfillment and purpose. After […]

Edwin Dixon Epperson III

Edwin Dixon Epperson III partners with local organizations to provide support for Tampa Bay veterans

edwin dixon epperson iii

Readjusting to civilian life can be an isolating and overwhelming experience for veterans. It’s estimated that approximately 22 veterans take their lives each day in the U.S. alone, according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The causes vary widely, but it’s understood that adjusting to civilian life after experiencing the traumatic conditions of […]

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Edwin Dixon Epperson III discusses helping veterans to succeed in the construction and renovation industry

As part of the process of reintegration from the military into everyday life, Edwin D. Epperson III is facilitating the training and subsequent hiring of veterans in the construction market to help address the growing need for skilled industry professionals. Serving time in the military requires immense discipline, hard work, and a steely determination, according […]