Edwin Dixon Epperson III partners with local organizations to provide support for Tampa Bay veterans

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Readjusting to civilian life can be an isolating and overwhelming experience for veterans.

It’s estimated that approximately 22 veterans take their lives each day in the U.S. alone, according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The causes vary widely, but it’s understood that adjusting to civilian life after experiencing the traumatic conditions of combat can be extremely taxing on a veteran’s mental and spiritual health.

Accordingly, former combat veterans including Edwin Dixon Epperson III are doing what they can to assist their brothers and sisters in arms. Individuals such as Edwin Epperson are now partnering with veterans organizations to facilitate the transitioning of fellow veterans.

The horrors of war are well documented. It’s often immensely shocking for combat veterans to see those who they’ve trained with, shared life with, and who they would call their second family, die in battle. It can leave lasting mental scars, resulting in a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Without effective treatment, the disorder can follow a service member back into civilian life, sometimes becoming an unbearable burden.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is only one symptom, however, according to Edwin Dixon Epperson III. There are, he says, a number of societal problems which also seriously affect former combat veterans. These include forging meaningful relationships and finding purpose after a lifelong commitment to the military. This is something which  Edwin Epperson explains is often incredibly difficult, and which is only now becoming fully recognized and understood by professionals.

After forming such strong bonds with other service members and answering a higher calling of servitude, a service member is generally hard pressed to find those same bonds and levels of purpose outside of the military. This, says Epperson, can lead to severe anxiety and bouts of depression. This in turn simultaneously creates a perfect storm wherein which a veteran feels unwanted, unfulfilled, and as though they have no purpose in life.

Edwin Dizon Epperson III goes on to explain that a number of charities, organizations, and associations have subsequently been set up by concerned individuals and fellow veterans, such as himself, to help tackle the problem. These organizations vary in terms of their aims, although many of them are established to assist in finding work for veterans, as well as offering support and therapy, should an individual require it.

“Local and national agencies include The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Operation Startup – Tampa Bay, The Veterans Association of America, The Veterans Healing Farm, The National Association of American Veterans, and The Disabled American Veterans Charity,” says Edwin Epperson.

“Every little bit helps,” he adds of such organizations, wrapping up, “and no donation or act of support is ever too small.”

Edwin Dixon Epperson III and his company, Vertical Fund Management, are today committed to partnering with organizations, plus other veteran-focused businesses locally. To find out more about how you or your business can get involved with serving and supporting veterans in the Tampa Bay area, Edwin D. Epperson III can be reached directly via email at [email protected]

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