Edwin Dixon Epperson III explains support for veterans readapting to civilian life

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Edwin Dixon Epperson III

Readjustment to civilian life after military service can be difficult, and Edwin Dixon Epperson III wants to help.

For many who complete multiple tours of duty and have a distinguished career of service, reintegration into civilian life can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding a job which delivers fulfillment and purpose. After years of building extraordinary bonds with fellow servicemen and women, it can be incredibly difficult to form meaningful relationships and find a sense of purpose once back in everyday life as a civilian.

Accordingly, Edwin Dixon Epperson III wants to facilitate change in this area. A fellow veteran, Edwin Epperson is actively seeking out those in need of support, assisting by placing them in jobs through which they can support their families, and which will help to provide meaning and purpose where a gap often exists. Unlike many civilians who have never seen combat, Edwin Dixon Epperson III understands the struggles which come with multiple tours as a Green Beret. “The reintegration difficulties can seem insurmountable at times,” he reveals, adding that while it’s no secret that many veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, the reasons why are often no so apparent, or well understood.

While in the military, soldiers form incredibly tight bonds with one another. “They are trained to rely on each other fully and, if required, will gladly lay down their lives to save a fellow soldier,” explains Edwin Epperson. While the horrors of war might be challenging to face, reintegration into civilian life and assimilation back into a family role are just two of the many additional obstacles which former servicemen and women face. “I want to assist them,” says Edwin Epperson, “with finding careers which provide similar levels of satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose to their previous military roles.”

Through his company, Vertical Fund Management, Edwin Dixon Epperson III is poised to join forces with other veteran organizations in an effort to collaborate and share resources focused on achieving this task in and around Tampa Bay. Among the primary focuses, alongside employment, is to address the enormous need for affordable housing for veterans in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. By integrating veterans into a trade and providing affordable housing, they’ll be on the path, says Edwin Epperson, toward both learning new skills, and toward a place to call home as they find a new purpose and continue to serve their community.

“This emphasis on community,” adds Edwin Epperson, wrapping up, “further helps to support the building of crucial bonds of friendship and brotherhood which many veterans find themselves lacking following their final tour.”

To find out more about how you and your organization can contribute and be a part of veteran reintegration, please reach out to Edwin D. Epperson III via email at [email protected]

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