Edwin Dixon Epperson III discusses helping veterans to succeed in the construction and renovation industry

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As part of the process of reintegration from the military into everyday life, Edwin D. Epperson III is facilitating the training and subsequent hiring of veterans in the construction market to help address the growing need for skilled industry professionals.

Serving time in the military requires immense discipline, hard work, and a steely determination, according to Mr. Epperson. “A life in the military is a life devoted,” he explains, “which is one of the primary reasons why employers actively seek out veterans once they’ve finished serving their country and have been discharged.”

It’s Edwin Epperson’s belief that military-standards of discipline and commitment, as well as a corresponding work ethic, translate well into many civilian fields, including the construction and renovation industry. “On transitioning from active service back into day-to-day life, veterans often face a whole host of difficulties which many civilians are unaware of,” he reveals.

After leaving such a stressful, high-pressure environment, Mr. Epperson goes on to explain that veterans are at a significantly increased risk of developing bouts of anxiety and unhappiness. Often, veterans also endure struggles surrounding family life, finding meaning, and securing a purposeful civilian career. “These difficulties,” he says, “compounded by feelings of loneliness and isolation, are just a few of the many challenges which face huge numbers of veterans each and every day.”

Being a combat veteran himself, Edwin Dixon Epperson III understands the obstacles and hurdles which many fellow veterans face.

It’s with this in mind that Mr. Epperson and his company, Vertical Fund Management, are now partnering with other veteran-owned and operated businesses and organizations in the greater Tampa Bay area. “Veterans are extremely competent people,” he explains, “and at Vertical Fund Management, we’re assisting them in applying their incredible military backgrounds into learning valuable and productive new trade skills.”

Through these partnerships, Mr. Epperson and his business are addressing the growing need for skilled laborers in the construction industry. “Not only will veterans be taught current, high-demand trade skills, they’ll also be able to directly contribute to their communities, finding a level of purpose which is so often missing after leaving the military,” the Florida-based combat veteran and business owner explains.

Just a few of the skills on offer via the partnerships being orchestrated by Edwin Dixon Epperson III and Vertical Fund Management include drywalling and framing, carpentry, roofing, bricklaying, plumbing, tiling, electrical, and HVAC.

“Those who have offered their lives up to protect and serve their country are invaluable, and heroes of the highest order,” says Mr. Epperson.

“I believe,” he adds, “that it falls not just to the government, but also to the citizens who these veterans have protected and served with their lives, to do their part and show our service members the support they deserve.”

To find out more about how you or your business can get involved with serving and supporting veterans in the Tampa Bay area, Edwin D. Epperson III can be reached directly via email at [email protected]

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